October 05, 2006

ParaNamer support in Waffle as an alternative to annotations

The latest release of Waffle (0.7) can now fully support ParaNamer as an alternative to annotations. ParaNamer provides "method parameter name access for versions of Java PRIOR TO Java 7.0". ParaNamer combined with Waffle will allow you to utilize your ActionMethod parameter names directly. In the example below Waffle will use "itemId" and "quantity" to resolve the arguments for the void removeFromCart(Long, int) action method.

public class ShoppingCartAction implements Serializable {  

// No annotation is necessary when utilizing ParaNamer
public void removeFromCart(Long itemId, int quantity) {
cart.remove(itemId, quantity);

For complete details on this please see the documentation on Waffle ActionMethods.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


we are evaluating waffle for a project at our company.

we ran into some issues:
- velocity doc was not appropriate
- setter injection was not implemented
- tomcat restart issue, sessionCreated was not called if the work dir already existed, making waffle to throw an exception.

We would like to contribute to the project with providing solutions to these problems.

Could you contact me at peter_kovac11 at hotmail dot com?

also, is it possible to post a src version with all the dependencies?

Thanks, and keep up the good work,