April 19, 2006

Waffle on TheServerSide.com

Waffle was recently posted on TheServerSide.com under the heading Another Rails-like web framework: Waffle. I was happy to see it posted and really appreciated the responses from those that are interested in Waffle.

I'm grateful for the comparison of Waffle to Ruby on Rails but Waffle is NOT a Java version of Rails. I think the only viable comparison I can make between Waffle and Ruby on Rails is:
  • convention based
  • simplicity
  • both take advantage of their respective languages
  • increased development productivity
Many, if not most, of the clients I consult at have made a significant investment in either Java or .NET (specifically C#) and for that reason alone Ruby on Rails is not a viable option. So next time you are about to begin work on a Java based web framework make sure you take a look at Waffle.