February 22, 2006

Sourceforge and subversion

I logged into SourceForge.net today and noticed that a Subversion link was now available when I went to the Administration page. I'm not sure when this feature became available or how long it took me to actually notice it but I think it is great news that SourceForge now provides it.

Look for Waffle's code base to be moved to Subversion shortly.

February 14, 2006

FreeMarker support in Waffle

I recently added FreeMarker support as another option for creating Views in Waffle. FreeMarker is very similar to Velocity but seems to be more powerful. One of the nice features of FreeMarker is that it will point out the errors in your scripts. Velocity basically ignores any problems you may have, while FreeMarker displays an error message directly in your html that pin-points (line and column number) where the problems is located. Additionally FreeMarker actually allows you to reference JSP tag libraries within your FreeMarker scripts. That should allows for some nice flexibility. Take a look at the FreeMarker Servlet Documentation for further details. And take look at Waffle to see how easy it is to create web frameworks when you don't have to learn a proprietary XML syntax or new UI language.

Next task is to document how to create Waffle application with JavaServer Pages (JSP).