September 10, 2007

Argible: impromptu presentation at chirb

Tonight I ended up giving an impromptu overview of Argible at the monthly Chicago Area Ruby Group. Utilizing annotations in Ruby code seemed foreign to several of the folks there. So, I quickly went over the Argible source code to illustrate how annotations can be implemented in Ruby (via the Module#method_added(name) callback). This code alone seemed to interest several of the people there.

Additionally, I tried to stress that the concept of using an argument name as meta-data is what I personally find most interesting about Argible. The idea behind Argible should NOT be limited simply to Rails based applications. Anyone have ideas for other situation where this might be useful?


Anonymous said...

When I first saw Argible, I wondered about a hibernate implementation for ruby using such ruby-annotations concept.

Michael Ward said...

Interesting, is it annotation specifically or does Argible's usage of argument names apply?

Anonymous said...

it's annotation spefic