August 22, 2007 unable to edit a post without publishing

Today I went back through my blog and added some labels (aka tags) to older posts. Soon afterwards I realized that adding these labels forced those post to be re-published. I found this annoying because visitors to sites like ThoughtBlogs would now have to sift through this "noise", obscuring the most recent post I'm most interested in sharing.

I think should provide a way to make minor edits to previously published posts without forcing these posts to be re-published. I understand that WordPress offers this functionality (right?). Is there a way this can be done that I might have missed? Or would I need to wait for such functionality to be introduced? Maybe it'll be easier if I just move my blog WordPress?

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Peter Ryan said...

Perhaps this isn't a blogger / wordpress issue but ThoughtBlogs. It looks like your feed is returning every post you ever written.

Write now your feed shows an "updated" and a "published" date for each post. It could be that ThoughtBlogs looks at all your posts and when it sees an updated blog it pushes it to the site.

On my wordpress I have my feeds only returning a max of 10 items. Of course I don't know what would happen if I updated a post - would the last 10 posts be based on published date or updated date. What you want is published date so ThoughtBlogs would see the post and only update its version of it. of course if ThoughtBlogs is only looking at updated date and not published date there may not be much you can do if your last ten or so go back a couple years.