August 22, 2007

Argible: automatically set instance variables

As I discussed in my last post Argible makes it easy to resolve method argument values through simple convention. Peter Ryan had an excellent idea of using Argible to automatically set an instance variable's value through simple convention. Have a look at the example below:

class MyController < ApplicationController

argible(:foo => :@bar)
def action_one
p "Bar instance variable was set to: #{@bar}"


Notice that the action method, action_one, has NO arguments. But the argible annotation was passed :foo => :@bar. Argible will interpret that you want the resolved value of 'foo' to be set upon the instance variable named '@bar'. This happens because the symbol on the right hand side is prefixed with the character '@'. Without this Argible will raise an Error informing you that there is no such argument.

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