February 22, 2006

Sourceforge and subversion

I logged into SourceForge.net today and noticed that a Subversion link was now available when I went to the Administration page. I'm not sure when this feature became available or how long it took me to actually notice it but I think it is great news that SourceForge now provides it.

Look for Waffle's code base to be moved to Subversion shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Im very interesting of pico and nanocontainer for .net.
But i can't find examples how to use with c#.
I try create simple examples and pico work good , but i have problem with creating container from xml file and dll. (without atrributs). I have error in
line 94 in ScriptedContainerBuilder.cs.
Please if You can send my few examples
to learn how use pico and nono in .NET C# (i try this on .net 2.0)
Please Help me

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