August 31, 2005

Documentation for NanoContainer.NET

Been working on clearing up some of the issues with NanoContainer.NET and believe to have gotten to a point where hopefully we can consider going forward with a release. First thing that need to be done is documentation, so I have started to create documentation specific to the .NET implementation of NanoContainer. Take a look here.


Norman said...

This was your last post on NanoContainer. I'm investigating DI frameworks for .Net. Read up on Pico, Spring and Windsor. Do you have a current recommendation? Since you come from the Java world, do you know the current status of Spring.Net in terms of support and uptake? I've heard it's way behind Spring 2.0 in the Java world and you don't get the real feel of Spring unless you're using Java. Any comments?

Michael Ward said...

Well I have a bias towards Pico and Nano. I have not used Spring.NET so I can not comment on how it compares to the Java version.

The benefit that Pico provides is that you do not have be burdened with managing XML configurations, which tends to become increasingly difficult over time.